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New Chapter of Cybertronian Nights

Chapter 62: A Stellar Plan in which Megatron and Starscream use exposition as fourplay.

On another note, I was wondering who plans on playing Transformers Universe (the MMO by Jagex)? I am for sure and I would love to get a casual-players guild going with anyone interested, possibly an RP guild. I have no clue how that would work with crossfactional characters but hopefully Jagex will release more info soon. The game is slated to come out next year, probably later than sooner since beta testing hasn't even started yet. Is anyone signing up for beta?
Behold, an update to my ongoing, collaborative TFA AU centered around a Cybertronian Brothel. This chapter stars Blackarachnia and Starscream, plus it introduces another Beast Wars character into our universe. Thanks to my lovely collabs niyazi_a and wicked3659 for helping keep this fic alive with your support and ideas.

Rated M for sexual themes.

Warnings: None really, other than a surprise!pov shift =P


Things to Celebrate!

1. Big congrats to coriopsis for landing a sweet new job!

2. The warm sun has finally found its way to Seattle on my first day of spring break. APPROPRIATE.

3. Botcon is only a month away!

<3 V-Day Spam <3

I thought I'd post my writing homework here for shits and giggles. We had to write an essay on the film Pleasantville choosing any film-making element we wanted and analyzing the fuck out of it. I went with the music because I am a huge soundtrack nerd. Feel free to point out any typo/grammar fails as I have to turn this in tomorrow. I notoriously fail at proofreading my stuff.

Warning: spoilers for the film =P
Hope this makes sense...Collapse )

Oh, and on a side note, during my research of the term "bebop" I found the video of Cyndi Lauper's "She-Bop" to be amusingly similar to the film

Cybertronian Nights Update!

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

I'd have to say Under Pressure, because it samples that timeless classic by Vanilla Ice AND features Jareth the Goblin King on vocals.
What's your favorite Queen song, and why?

like the glitter says...

I tried to hire these two as strippers but they charged too much, so here's the next best thing:

Concept Art Homework

Project 1 for Concept Art

Cut because the sheer epicness could send poor little fragile LJ back into a spiraling mess of instabilityCollapse )

Last thing, I am now a Twitter Twat. If you want to hear me squee about cartoons, music and life in general, or get spammed with rickroll quality 80s vids, then come find me @Toyzintheattik =D